Free Razan #FreeRazan !

Free Razan. Credit Salim Al-Lawzi
Free Razan. Credit Salim Al-Lawzi

The human rights activist Razan Ghazzawi got detained today December 4th by Syrian security at the Syria- Jordan borders as she was on her way to participate in a workshop in Amman for defenders of freedom of the press in the Arab world.

Jillian C. York  Director of International Freedom of Expression at Electronic Frontier Foundation mentioned that she spoke to her last week, here is what she posted in this regard

“When I spoke to her this past Wednesday, she told me that she feared arrest and gave me some instructions, including making noise (but to ensure that her name was not used by assholes like, etc). So…make some noise for Razan, who happens to be a US-born citizen.”

Bloggers and activists are joining hands again to free one of our own, join the campaign.

Here are few steps Lissnup, a nickname of an Advocate and News Curator on Human and Civil Rights  have setup already:

1. Write an email or send a fax to your local politician, Foreign Minister, members of parliament of congress. Use the internet to find their contact details or see this list of emails. Razan is an American Citizen – See herefor a list of US Embassies to contact demanding they take urgent action.

2. Use your profile photo to draw attention to Razan’s arrest and the plight of all prisoners in Syria via Twibbonor you can use this image, or make your own.

3. Use the tag #FreeRazan to share links, videos, news from #Syria – keep attention levels UP, don’t let this important news be overpowered by other stories and fade from view

4. Post news and links to FaceBook, blog, forums, and in comments on videos and news posts about Syria. If you write, please write about this issue.

5. Schedule tweets for when you can’t be online – use Dlvr IT for feeds or Buffer for individual tweets

6. Join the new Free Razan FaceBook page and share the page with all your friends

7. If you have more ideas, please share them here!


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