Open letter to the Tunisian Interim Government : When will the Tunisian Ambassador in Damascus be pulled back?

Open letter to the Tunisian Interim Government 

When will the Tunisian Ambassador in Damascus be pulled back?

By Sufian Al-chorabi

Translated by: Kacem Jlidi

Member of the supreme committee to achievement objectives of the revolution, political reforms and democratic transition

For the Sixth month on a row, the political Syrian regime continues to direct its army weapons to the peaceful Syrians chests, dozens of innocent people are killed and injured everyday by bullets and bombs which the Syrian people spent a lot of money to have an acquisition of it, thinking it will be directed to restore their stolen land.
The Syrian Arab Army, which remained stationed in its military bases since 1967 while the occupying Israel continued the integration of the Golan Heights within the scope of its geographical area, decided to get off with all its military equipments to kill people of its own country, fiercely defending a political power which have lost its legitimacy when voices of free Syrians were shut-up through killings, displacements and detentions.
The regime of President Bashar Al-Assad which has long claimed to protect the front of Arab resistance against colonialism and imperialism did not care about the voices of his people demanding to live in freedom and dignity and the eradication of corruption. The first demonstrations that broke-in with slogans claiming “system reform” to claiming “bring down the regime” turned to be faced with harsh and loud response against the defenseless people.
Voices calling for the removal of Bashar al-Assad of the government has become the most overwhelming and wide spread at the moment, a President commented by many high hopes after the death of his father for major political and economic reforms to move Syria from the tyranny era to the democracy era, but its proven now, during the days of the Syrian revolution, that the qualities of the regime of Bashar al-Assad of not less bloody and brutal than that of his father.
And Tunisia, the cradle of Arab revolts and inspirer of rising people against oppression and arrogance, for freedom, pride and dignity cannot fail to consider the crimes committed against the free Syrians. The position of neutrality is unacceptable in a country supposed to have hosted the first victorious revolutions.
If the civil society and political movements in Tunisia has taken courageous positions in solidarity with the struggles of the Syrian people in their battle for democracy, the silence practiced by the Tunisian foreign ministry about the massacres committed against the Syrians, could only be a matter of surprise and disapproval.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Tunisia emanating from the victorious revolution can only take positions of advocacy for people craving freedom and dignity, and thus there is no choice for the interim government but to pull back the Tunisian Ambassador in Damascus, and fire the Syrian Ambassador in Tunisia in an expression of protest of Tunisia the revolution against the practices of the Syrian Baath Party against its own people.


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