Tunisian Bloggers Sticking Together to Advocate the Elections

Almost one week left to get registered for the elections, yet numbers of registered citizens are below expected.

There are over 7 million Tunisians of voting age, including around 1 million living abroad, yet, around 400,000 Tunisians who hold outdated, invalid national ID cards.

An April 2011 national poll by the International Republican Institute (IRI) found that 95 percent of Tunisians are either “likely” or “very likely” to vote in the NCA elections; but we clearly note a huge difference between the will and practice.

In attempt to fill this gap, Tunisian bloggers are willing to give one more push to encourage their readers to get registered and for them also to get their friends and relatives to get registered as well.

To this effect, one of my friends Abdelkrim Ben Abbdallah is organizing a series of informal workshops around live blogging around the elections.

“The concept is as simple as a meet-up at a coffee shop where everyone is armed with a laptop and / or a smart-phone gathering in small groups coached by bloggers to write articles around a common cause which is currently the elections and it would serve to give a chance for interested people to start their own blogs.”

Action will be taking place Tuesday 26th July, in café Alhambra – Berges du Lac, starting from 07 PM.

Your presence is highly encouraged and appreciated in raising awareness around practicing the right to vote and take part in building the new Tunisia.

Please take 3 seconds to share this post, may be others would join thanks to you 🙂


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