The Tunis Exchange Forum – Civil Society Participation in Building Plural and Democratic Societies

Tomorrow, the Anna Lindh Exchange will kick start in Tunis, Tunisia.

From June 23rd – 26th The Tunis Exchange Forum Civil Society Participation in Building Plural and Democratic Societies will be bringing together cultural and media operators, non-governmental organizations and young activists from the Euro-Med region.

Such gathering is a unique opportunity to exchange experiences and debate about the major challenges which the Euro-Med societies are facing in terms of citizenship and intercultural dialogue, especially those engaged in social change and democratic transition.

Some 150 – 200 representatives who work in the fields of Artistic creation, Media and Social Networks, Civil society development and Resources for Citizenship are expected to attend this Tunis Exchange Forum coming from the Euro-Med region (one third is expected to be Tunisians).

The Tunis Exchange Forum will have a unique start with the “Caravan of the South for Dignity and Freedom” coordinated by ACT – Think and Decide (Association Citoyenne Tunisienne) and the Anna Lindh Foundation Tunisian Network.

The Caravan is about a group of young Tunisians will arrive at CMAM (Centre des Musiques Arabes et Méditerranéennes) on foot, to pay homage to their revolution. This group, composed particularly by youth of the South of Tunisia (Caravan of the South for Dignity and Freedom), will walk for 2 (two) km up to the CMAM where the Forum inauguration ceremony would take place tomorrow at 7PM.

Given the central role social media are playing in the Euro-Med region, and having in mind the significant demand for participation, the Anna Lindh Foundation is trying to reinforce its Online Media dimension.

To this effect, I thought announcing to you that I’ll be taking part in this event and will be having the task to help covering it through different social media channels.

I’ll be live blogging the different panel discussions with couple of social media freaks through the official blog for this event. Check it here.

The official hash tag that we’ll be using is ‘#TunisForum’ and you can also follow the updates through this twitter list my colleague Stephen Spillane created. And don’t forget to Like the Anna Lindh Foundation Page and the Believe in Dialogue Page to get updates there!

You may also watch the live stream by clicking here. The expected Live Broadcast Schedule is the following:

  • Opening Session: 24th of June at 9:30 am (Tunis Local Time)
  • Debate Workshops: 24th of June at 11:30 am (Tunis Local Time)
  • Debate Workshops : 25th of June at 11:30 am (Tunis Local Time)
  • Closing Session: 26th of June at 11:30 am (Tunis Local Time)

It’s going to be both fun and enriching; you should keep an eye on the website not to miss anything!


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