Last Chapter still to be written: Destiny Sit-in

Can the domino effect go in both ways? I mean we’ve heard of names like: Friday of Friday, Friday of Crawl, Friday of Departure, and Friday of Cleaning etc during the Egyptian, Yemeni and Syrian revolutions. Tunisians never been fan of giving names to certain dates or events but here we come 6 months after the overthrown of Ben Ali with a touching name: “The Sit-In of Destiny”.

On facebook, so called the 5th power in Tunisia, the revolution never stopped, the news feed is over stuffed with angry and unsatisfied voices and now they are converting to an actual action offline.

Sit-in of Destiny, kicked start on the noon of June 15th on the Human Rights Place in Tunis with the participation of young people from different cities unlike the Kasbah 1 and Kasbah 2 sit-ins (Kasbah is the name of the square of the Government buildings).

Smaller sit-ins never stopped taking place this past period next to companies and media institutions for various demands.

Main demands are the same ones shouted from before:

  • Complete Independence of the Judiciary System.
  • To Hold killers of the revolution martyrs accountable.
  • Dismissal of Minster of Interior: Habib Essid and Minister of Justice: Al-Azhar Al-Karoui Al-Chabi.
  • To restructure the Higher Instance for achieving goals of the revolution with the involvement of the young people and militants in the political decision.
  • To stick with having the constitutional elections in agreed date: October 23rd.

Toppling the interim government led by Beji Caid Sebsi doesn’t figure among the demands as announced the young protestors and stressed that a final list of their demands is still under study among the young participants in the sit-in.

It should be noted that this sit-in began after the banning of a meeting at the conference hall in the capital organized by the young men to regroup and discuss ways to embody the goals of the revolution and find ways to prevent it from being twisted or stolen.

So far, the “Destiny Sit-In” is not getting any attention from the traditional media but it is expected to get support from the political parties to prevent being accused of supporting the illegitimate government.


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