Freedom for Palestine song- evil and pure propaganda?

Maxi Jazz, Dave Randall, LSK, the Durban Gospel Choir, Jamie Catto, Andrea Britton, Harry Collier, Sudha Kheterpal, Andy Treacy, Attab Haddad, Joelle Barker and Tony Reed are singers featured in a campaign song calling for freedom for Palestine.

Although, it’s expected to be released during early July yet it’s getting a good head start especially with some hot controversial comments heating up already.

Freedom for Palestine is the song’s name. The lyrics speak of the dramatic situation, the extreme violation of human rights, the refugees, the prison camps, children and justice.

The clip features the division wall (or as American and Israelis calls it the security barrier), footages from Gaza and also the signers in the recording studio along with a female Break Dancer.

Although the great success and positive feedback the campaign is getting, yet it’s quite shocking that negative responses go into calling the campaign as “evil” and “amazing piece of propaganda” as Glenn Beck a US media host did on his Fox News show.

Referring to the song’s lyrics, he questioned if these people referring to the campaigner know what they are doing or if they know what it means to destroy Israel.  He goes sarcastic and asks if they done their work on history… then he said “Before you know it, ‘Israeli occupation’ will be standard fare. Everyone will just see it as they’re just occupying that land. That is a lie.”

As a chart featuring the freedom flotilla to Gaza displays behind him, he goes saying that these sorts of campaigns are packaged in a form that everyone would embrace and that is evil.

The guardian says: “If the song makes it into the UK charts, it is likely to cause a dilemma for the BBC. The corporation ran into controversy last month for masking out the words “free Palestine” from a number recorded by Mic Righteous. It did it in order “to ensure impartiality was maintained”, it said. On another recent occasion, the word “Palestine” was excised from a BBC script.”

On March 5th, Coldplay posted a link to the “Freedom for Palestine” video which features lyrics like ‘it could be you and your family/forced from your home and your history,’ and images of Israeli army checkpoints and the security fence, angering a large number of its Jewish and pro-Israel fan base.

According to the Washington post, there were 12,000 comments on their post, including promises to boycott the band and a Facebook group that demanded an apology to Israel within less than a day.

Anti-Israeli fans also posted comments to support Palestine, such as “Zionism is racism” and “Israel is an apartheid state.

After some facebook users reported the URL to the song as “abusive,” the link was blocked by facebook. But OneWorld quickly created a new site here.

No one can predict if this campaign can achieve some success with all the hate reactions around it, yet the controversy building around it even before release is an indication of what could be yet to come.


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