Ammar404 hunts a 5th facebook page

A fifth facebook page has been blocked access from Tunisia last week. Here we come to realize that the many reactions of cyber activists to the first blocked four pages didn’t get any attention from the censor and yet he continues to block access to any page that according to him is attacking the image of the Army.
Following a requisition from the Permanent Military Court in Tunis, the Tunisian Internet Agency (ATI) has therefore to filter a fan page Jalel Brick. The latter would be subject to prosecution for defamation against the Tunisian military body.
The complete list of blocked URLs in order of this court is displayed here
Unfortunately, attempts to censor the internet doesn’t stop there; last week, a civil court in Tunis had asked ATI to censor porn sites on the national network following a complaint filed by three lawyers.
So far, the ATI has refrained from commenting on these cases of censorship. But it expected that the agency has come out of  it’s silence and present it’s official position in a press conference regarding this censorship comeback in the upcoming days.
The battle over internet freedom unfortunately doesn’t end up there but it goes higher to advocate for from the G8 countries who led by Sarkozy plan to implement a “civilized internet” according to him.
Update: (Source: Tunisia LiveThe Tunisian Internet Agency (ATI) has been ordered to block all pornographic websites. In a press conference held on May 31 at the headquarters of the ATI, Moez Chakchouk, the CEO of ATI announced that they are going to appeal the decree in the Court of Appeal(s).He asserted that blocking pornographic websites is not technically possible. In his explaination, he said that the ATI lacks economic resources to put into use a filtering device. Chakchouk also stressed the absence of an explicit legal text that would make the ATI responsible for Internet filtering.  He believes that such tasks should be the responsibility of special commissions which are currently unavailable in Tunisia.


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