You’re not a brave person for visiting Sidibouzid

This post comes during my second visit to Sidi Bouzid, the ever famous city since the Tunisian revolution that started in December 17th.

This is not one of “touristic” like articles that treat the city and its people as aliens’ worth a discovery or close observations just because this is where from protests started.

People that live in Sidi Bouzid are Tunisians in every aspect you’d like to treat, and honestly the Bourgeois attitude of Tunisians and foreigners is suffocating because of all the stereotypes they carry around.

The city is relatively small and lacks numerous facilities and infrastructure, but it’s not hard to survive in it. I was telling people that I’m heading to Sidi Bouzid and instant reactions I get indicates fear and rejection, it’s like I’m heading to a savage territory or a conflict zone.

I’m not also a brave person for the simple fact of coming to this city. It’s very peaceful and the people are so nice and generous (just like in all Tunisian cities).

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Sidi Bouzid isn’t also a very conservative place as most people believe; couples can be found all the way on the main boulevard of the city and there is also a mixed coffee shop etc.

It’s correct that Sidi Bouzid is not a touristic site and most ruins and sites that attract tourists are located in Sbitla but most people don’t know that Sidi Bouzid was a battle site during the World War II (February 1943).

People here call the Tunisian revolution Dec 17th instead Jan 14th

What the city needs is investments in it vast agriculture lands; there is so much potential in this city.

Proper hospitals and health care units need to be developed along with developing the infrastructure and encouraging having a cultural life. Museums, media houses, theatres and cinemas need to be built here would help so much remove the stress and the stagnant feel in the city and also create jobs. I suggest a yearly revolution festival to be celebrated in this city.


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