Journalists detained in Libya- Help release them.

Dear readers, I’m well aware of how busy  you might be, but I’d love if you could take  the time to help with a small request yet of  great value.

Perhaps as a Tunisian citizen, freedom of  expression had been one of my rights that  been violated for a long time and as Tunisians we paid high prices to eventually “get it”.

It’s for the sake of freedom of expression that I’m asking you a small favor of helping out Deb Morello who is trying to raise 5,000 signatures for a petition to lobby the Libyan government to release four freelance journalists currently being held against their will in Libya : James FoleyClare GillisManu Braboand and Anton Hammerl.

The petition will be sent to the U.S. State Department, as well as the Foreign Ministries of Spain and South Africa.

I’m not asking you to pick sides and act upon; I’m simply asking for your help to raise the 5,000 signatures needed by tomorrow, to try and make a difference in helping four people who have no military say in the current conflict in Libya.

At the moment of writing this post, the petition stands at just over 3,200 signatures – meaning we need approximately 1,800. If we can all sign, share and encourage just one other person to sign we can make huge difference in the lives of some people and also act to put an end to violations of freedom of expression.

Revolutions in Tunisia and Egypt proved the impact and power of the social media platforms and their utility in the connected world we live in, I’m optimistic that reaching the needed number of signatures is doable in the next 24 hours to push the responsible leaders to take actions.

Please, if you can, sign, share and share again. Let’s see if we can show a small army can make a big difference.

Your signature can make a difference.

Please sign here.


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