A Letter to the Syrian Ambassador in Tunisia

This a translation to an open letter to the Syrian Ambassador of Tunisia written by my friend Lilioptra.

The original letter in Arabic can be found here.

Please take a stand and maximize the impact of this action by forwarding the letter to the Syrian Ambassadors in your respective countries, Please.

Address: Syria Embassy , Tunisia
The third Manar 2092
Tunis; Tunisia


It’s with great  sorrow sadness and despair that we received news of suppression of demonstrators calling for freedom and reform in Syria and the news of dozens of deaths in protests that erupted during the past two weeks.

From my position as a Tunisian citizen and my love to Syria and the Holiness of the human spirit, I invite you to reflect on the fate of this great people knowing that more than repression doesn’t only further condemn the brutality of the system but would encourage rebellion against the oppressor…

The Syrian people, like all other peoples of our Arab region, has the right to enjoy all the basic human rights denied to them since a long time, and that the bloody crackdown of peaceful demonstrations and the killing of the aspirations of the people toward freedom, dignity, participation, and reform can only be compounded by the state of tension, anger and violence ..

So, I invite you, Sir, to draw the correct lessons from what happened in Tunisia and Egypt and what is happening in Libya, Yemen and Bahrain as each attempt to contain the popular discontent by force and bullying did not result only in more bloodshed to which responsible will be held accountable to it in this world or the Hereafter.

Please condemn the aggressions against the call of the Syrian people in public that they know they have men of good conscience.
We hope, Sir, to see Syria free and for Syrian citizen  to live honored and fulfilling all their rights.
The angels didn’t prostrate to Adam  in vain and so the name of Islam wasn’t derived from peace just by coincidence.

We count on your understanding.


2 thoughts on “A Letter to the Syrian Ambassador in Tunisia

  1. Thank you so much dear… Syria, Yemen, Jordan, LIbya, Morocco… All those countries need their children and brothers. We will win and we will be a free and united arab world insh’Allah.

  2. /eileen

    these are great cultures and I , as an American ask for the same respect and and tolerance as you ask for in all your countries. Do not be violent or agressive. I understand your opression and plead with you all to work for peace, tolerance and unity

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