Another crime against truth transmitters!

As Libyans and many worldwide supporters of the Libyan revolution came to celebrate today March 12th the good news of The Arab League backing up the idea of a no-fly zone over Libya by voting for the UN Security Council to impose the policy as rebels continue to be pushed back by Colonel Gaddafi’s forces; such measurement is to be imposed until the current crisis end. A choking news stroke the atmosphere announcing the fall of Ali Hassan Al-Jaber, Aljazeera’s 56 years old head of photography in an ambush that the team of channel faced in Hawari area south western the city of Benghazi. Nasser al-Hadar Al-Jazeera correspondent reported to be wounded in the heavy shooting on them.

Bibah wild Omhadi, Aljazeera correspondent said he was sitting next to the martyr Ali Al-Jaber in the car when the shooting started resulting in 3 bullets to hit the photographer. Doctors announced that he was already dead when they arrived at the hospital.

Wadhah Khanfar, the General Director of Aljazeera channel made it clear that they will not tolerate this crime and will hunt down the responsible perpetrators legally and criminally. He also stated that his colleague was assassinated as a result of an unprecedented campaign of incitement by the Libyan regime on the Aljazeera and its staff.

Aljazeera correspondent had revealed that they been questioned constantly about their address, where do they stay and also asked for their phone numbers. The hotel where the Aljazeera team was staying had increased his security level but that didn’t prevent the loss for an eye on field transmitting footages of the bloody truth taking place on the Libyan territory.

It is noteworthy that Al Jaber Ali is a Qatari citizen who was born in1955, and holds a BA and MA in Cinematography at the Arts Academy in Cairo.

He served as Director of the Office of the CNBC Arabian Doha, and supervisor of the National Olympic Committee from 2002 to 2005. He also served as the head of the photography department at the Qatar television for more than twenty years.

The martyr photographer had accomplished during his career, several documentary films, including a film about Qatar and Kuwait, entitled “The plight of the afflicted.

The loss of Ali Al-Jabir isn’t the first in the line of attacks on journalists and photographers in battle fields; Aljazeera had lost other journalists and been attacked before, may be the most recent attack happened during the Egyptian revolution and let’s not forget that they were banned from Tunisia and also from Morocco. Operations by governments to stop their Nile-Sat broadcast took place during the Egyptian and Libyan revolution and their website was censored in Tunisia for quite a long time.

Attacks, arrests and even torture of journalists been largely applied by corrupt governments; such a measurement meant to hide the truth yet it does only prove their evil implications.

Body of Aljazeera cameraman ali Jaber draped in Libya’s flag taken thru crowds in Benghazi.


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