Potential revolutions in Palestine, will it make any change?!

This post was originally written by my friend Saleh Dawabsheh

As you know Palestine had been the first Arab country that experienced revolutions and demonstrations, this was called “Intifada”, and there was a first Intifada that took place between 1987-1992 and a second Intifada happened between 2000-2004.

After 2005 Palestinians have been silent, and there were no resistance except in some places here and there.

Gaza is a different case, the situation there is not peaceful like in the West bank; Israeli attacks continued, and the war on Gaza that all of you know about was very bad.

Anyway as a result of the second Intifada, the relative peace after it, the Palestinian elections and the winning of Hamas, all of that led Palestine to being divided into two states: Gaza and West bank (bear in mind that I mean by Palestine the part that was not occupied on 1948), two opposite parties, Hamas (the government in Hamas) and Fateh/the Palestinian authority (the government in West Bank).

Now after the revolutions in Egypt and Tunisia some Palestinians wanted to do the same, some groups and pages on Facebook are calling for resisting the occupation in a peaceful way, other are calling for resisting using weapons and guns, other are saying that we should first unite, and become one people and to forget that we belong either to Hamas or to Fateh.

This is nice, but the shit in this is that these groups are fighting each other; people are accusing each other that they are not honest, and they’re not doing this for the benefit of Palestine, they’re doing this to establish organizations to get fund from donors from outside.

Those who want to resist the occupation are saying once we defeat occupation we will be united, the others are replying that we can not defeat the occupation if we’re not united, and all are fighting each other.

so will there be any positive change? To be honest I do not know, but I still expect things to get worse than before if these revolutions took the wrong pathes, and if Palestinian people keep on accusing and fighting each other.

Palestine is messed up, there is no leader, no clear goals, no strategic planning for the Palestinian state, negotiation failed, more than 11,000 are in jail, and millions are refugees out of Palestine.

Palestine seems to be a hopeless case as long as Palestinians do not change the way they think.

Saleh is a Palestinian blogger and activist; connect with him here


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