What the heck is going on in Tunisia while Camera lenses watch Egypt?

Since January 25th, all media channels lifted the coverage on the Tunisian Revolution’s events depriving numerous people in and out of the country from correct trusted information, especially those that has no access to social media tools.

Not to mention that the Tunisian media is still  controled by the goverment and freedom of speech isn’t totally granted yet!

Censorship of facebook pages is still!

Since December 17th, the world’s eyes and almost all media channels, bloggers, activists have been busy watching what’s so called the Tunisian Miracle; hundreds if not thousands of articles and notes have been published on daily basis, and during all this time, my pen didn’t seem my most suitable weapon -for me- to support my country!

Yet, now, I’m using it as a try to make up for the gap left by the cam lenses which are directed towards Egypt at the moment!

Egypt which is geographically a North African country but a Middle Eastern critical player; on which so many hopes, expectations and aspirations are being laid. (!)

Like many Tunisians I endorse the Egyptian people’s choice, we have Egyptian and Palestinian flags raised during our demonstrations. We’re impatiently waiting to hear that Hosni Mubarak had finally left his chair, since such a change will have major impact on the situation in Middle East, namely the Palestinian case.

We’re also waiting for the rest of the Arab leaders to preserve what’s left of their dignity –if any- to get the lesson and smoothly leave their chairs; enough blood and enough harm to innocent civilians.

This post is meant to highlight certain issues and basically compile the recent updates for the watching world.

After the flee of the ex-Tunisian President, Ben Ali

Protests, sit-ins and hunger strikes are still held demanding the disbanding of the ruling party: “Democratic Constitutional Rally” referred to as RCD and changing it with a new, corruption-free elected representative rally!

The Socialist International had suspended the membership of the RCD. In order to placate protesters and designated coalition participants, the incumbent president Fouad El Mbazaa and Prime Minister Mohamed El Ghanouchi had resigned from their memberships in the RCD on January 18th and all remaining RCD-aligned ministers resigned their party memberships on the 20th, the effect of which will leave the RCD with only a parliamentary majority!

On January 27th Prime Minister Ghannouchi carried out a major reshuffle, removing all former RCD members other than himself from the government. The Central Committee of the party has been dissolved.

Other actions that Prime Minster had taken are the establishment of a selected committee to investigate corruption cases mainly related to stealing money, bribery and nepotism of the ruling family. And another committee that works on fixing the Tunisian law that was clearly designed to fit the ex-president Zine El Abidine Ben Ali.

With all that being said, seems Tunisia is on the right track to establish the first democratic Arab country; well, not really, here is what’s happening behind the scene while we are watching Egypt and it’s the persistent pain in the ass: Mubarak.

Why are Tunisians still protesting, sitting-in and hunger striking?

I join many political experts in declaring that Tunisians are suffering a trust crisis and they’re not willing to let their revolution go to waste.

219 martyrs and 510 wounded and counting since the revolution had started, those lives and blood are the responsibility of the RCD and the ex-ruling family; how come they expect Tunisians to give trust and loyalty to long old members of the RCD in this transitional period to Democracy?

The Prime Minster and the temporary new president, both “ex-members of the RCD” for almost 12 years and are still in position making the changes and fixations, naming and choosing the other ministers and committees members!! Hello but didn’t they were involved with the ex-president in the corruption, stealing, torturing and murdering young and old Tunisians??

How can Tunisians be so sure that the temporary government isn’t preparing for a new rule of the RCD under a new name and a new color?

Even though many claims that inside the RCD there were good people and they were not responsible in supporting any corruption or murders; well, deal with it, Tunisians are totally refusing any promised change by any individual related to the RCD and the ex-ruling family!

The new temporary government is supposed to fix what went wrong, ensure safety of the people, guarantee legal persecution of those that committed crimes and bring back the lost rights of the people!

There is no logic in expecting that individuals whom had stole, tortured and killed in the past would bring justice now!

To answer to the question I asked and to try reporting to you what media is being busy from reporting since January 24th, I would say:


Dozens of young people started a march called Freedom convoy, from Sidi bouzid,  Miknassi, Kasserine and other suburbs of Sidi bouzid and neighbor cities to Tunis (capital), people committed to walk for over 250 Km not caring about the cold nor the rain nor the long distance to support fellow protestors sitting-in next to El-Kasbah (where the government building is located).

It’s important to report that for the week period sit-in was totally peaceful, no clashes were reported until…

Few people (Militia) provoked fights with police members that turned their tear gas bombs towards the peaceful protestors.

Police also used dogs to frighten the people to unfold their sit-in; they also got their hands dirtier by making a blockade on El-Kasbah area, preventing aids (food, medications and covers) from arriving to the protestors.

Militias and police were responsible for unleashing a number of rumors to provoke clashes among the manifesting people themselves encouraging  regionalism for instance like: “The freedom convoy is nothing but people from left behind cities, coming to Tunis for the food, aids and to steal”.

It’s ironic that in answer to that kind of rumors, we’ve seen signs to guide people that lost their money or cell phones to a tent of “lost and found”!

Attempts to unfold the sit-in didn’t stop there but it gone to hiding drugs and alcohol among the food and covers of the protesters, smoking and drinking in nearby mosques and calling for sex.

According to some lawyers that joined the sit-in:


A Russian journalist was attacked while reporting the El-Kasbah incidents, he clearly said that people with leather black coats were attacked by few younger people (militias) and then started attacking the protestors and there were others shooting with cell phones!

Hint: The black leather coated people are a special squad of the police and they are under orders to use social media against Tunisians!

Click here for video of American journalist that got shot.

All the above sick attempts of the Militias and police come after a declaration from the new temporary government/ Prime Minister clearly underlying the no use of violence! But just a question, where do those people get their orders and instructions from??

Click here for a proof a the peaceful sit-in at El Kasbah.


According to chapter 41 of the Tunisian law, the President is granted immunity that allows him to take certain decision that can bypass the law, and with such law, we expect a power to unfold rallies, exemption from execution etc, yet seem that such a law had been used to justify anti-humanity crimes: conspire over the internal national security, murdering, displacement, rape and the list is so long.

click here for results of the ex-president’s immunity.


The committee which supposed to investigate and bring justice again is doing nothing but waiting for people to come and complain, such a committee has no power to execute actions on its own but they’re better called washing machines as for the last week, a number of courts and bureaus had been burnt to destroy documents and erase any evidence that might convict the people at power now.

Among the files that got distroyed, job applications envelopes and diplomas of graduated young people, some of them never were opened!

Can’t bypass this news: the ex-president and his wife were convicted by: money laundering!! And a private TV owner, Arbi Nasrah, owner of Hannibal TV, was charged with his son for treason! A charge that brings a death sentence!

What on the earth could a newly established TV station owner had done compared to Ben Ali? But it’s obvious they just needed a scapegoat!

Arbi Nasra was freed latter on with his son after a community intervention.

Abdallah Kallal, responsible for torture and murders inside the Tunisian prisons remains still in his house, he is also escaping charges from Switzerland convicting him with violation of human rights.

Tunisia’s streets are no longer safe, a number of kidnaps is bieng reported, civilians attacked by police/ militias for no reasons!


Jeffery Feltman, the Assistant Secretary of State for Near Eastern Affairs had been in a visit to Tunisia meeting with the Prime Minister delivering the recommendations of the US!

Well, soon after he left, a new composition of the government that Tunisians were demanding for almost 2 weeks to change got declared!

There after we discover these:

–          Ahmad Najib Chabi, used to be the head of an opposing rally is now the Minister of development was recruited by the US secret intelligence.

–          An American military base got approved by the Prime Minister to be built; its purpose detecting and destroying El-Qaida movements in the Maghreb regions and as a force point to hit Palestine!

–          A nuclear landfill waste in the Tunisian deserts, such thing releases radiations that VERY BADLY affects people living in the south!

–          Tear gas bombs dosages are higher than the norms!

–          Ghriba ghwich, Abd Fatah Omar, Iyad Ben Achour and Taoufik Bou Derbala, members in the new temporary government that has a dirty back ground!


Now, after all this busy week and here we enter a new one, we wonder, where is the army that showed his support before, how come they accept a US military base is built on the Tunisian land?

Revolutions don’t take place every day, we need to keep winning this one and build neither the Tunisia we want not what the US recommends nor the EU!

And lastly, for those who are afraid, worried about the couple of Diems they got in the bank and suffering from the lines to get the bread… keep your comments for yourself and stay away from facebook, it’s now a tool for revolting a demonstrating/spread truth and actions not a place for cowards!

I would be thankful if you share this post, it’s crucial to get some media coverage, not everyone in Tunisia has access to facebook or twitter and we need help to continue what we had started.


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I would leave you now with this video that made all Tunisians cry and looking forward to catch up with you in the comments below.


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