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Be part of this magical moment – the satellite link will be streamed LIVE (November 27th)  here OR on the dance4life website: at 6-6.35 PM GMT / 7-7.35 PM CET (GMT+1).

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Young people are the most affected by the HIV pandemic; enough said that half of the new HIV infections every day are among young people under 25 years old.

Although stigma and discrimination are quite first noticed reactions you see when you encounter someone living with the virus; yet we cannot exclude them from our lives.

dance4life is a new creative approach that encourages social inclusion of the key population affected the most by this pandemic.

dance4life is an international initiative set up to involve and empower young people all around the world, to push back the spread of HIV and AIDS. Young people are the future and they have the power to halt the spread of HIV and AIDS. By uniting all over the world and demanding change, they can make a difference!

Experiencing the unique dance4life’s 4 program steps: Inspire Educate, Activate and Celebrate; young people (13 – 19 year old) are taught important life skills they need to protect themselves and are enabled to go out there and actually do something about it, to become actively involved – and become agents4change.

dance4life’s mission is to create a movement of one million agents of change by 2014.

Almost 24 hours left before the kick off the dance4life international event 2010 which takes place every 2 years on the Saturday preceding the World Aids Day.

The adrenalin is definitely starting to kick in: it’s no mean feat connecting over 20 countries with each other live via satellite, not to mention the hard working local dance4life organizations that are also organizing fantastic events in each country. Terms such as SNG vans, satellite coordinates, and world feeds…once a foreign language, but now rolling with ease off the tongue of some of the dance4life teams!

It’s tomorrow, when tens of thousands of young people worldwide will unite via satellite to celebrate their achievements in pushing back the spread of HIV and AIDS.  From the USA to Vietnam, Zimbabwe to Germany, young people will have the experience of a lifetime on Saturday.

And boy, do these young people deserve it. All around the world, they’ve been taking action to push back HIV and AIDS. Whether it is fundraising, lobbying, volunteering or simply talking to a friend about using a condom, every single one of these agents4change present on Saturday has made a contribution to halting HIV. What a fantastic gathering of creativity and determination.

You too can be part of this magical moment – the satellite link will be streamed LIVE (November 27th)  here OR on the dance4life website: at 6-6.35 PM GMT / 7-7.35 PM CET (GMT+1).  And, until then, take a look at what Helena, Sharon, Felix and Stephen have to say about what’s coming up…

Enjoy !!



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