Israel we love you too!

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Since YouTube like many other blogs and websites is banned in Tunisia and to avoid the painful  use of proxies here I bring you news that most probably you haven’t heard of yet:

Saeb Ariqat Chief Palestinian negotiator that been in his precious chair for a long time admits on behalf of the Palestinians to the lovely Israelis that we disappointed them and we couldn’t make it to solve the conflict and make peace with them.

The lovely, friendly Israelis that (without digging too much in the past) one of their priests been praying to eradicate Palestinians and Muslims; one of their soldiers admits that she hates Palestinians and Arabs and she would be happy to kill and even slaughter them all.

The Israelis that got on Board of a boat (the freedom flotilla) in international waters, killed nine unarmed civilians in cold blood and then kidnapped hundreds of humanitarians and peace activists on board the ships and took them against their will to Israel where they were physically and mentally abused.

Israel who is busy Claiming the blockade on Gaza being for security reasons, of course they are the victim here recalling the loss of 1,000 citizens to “terrorism” in the intifada which equates the value of 10,000 citizen; but what about the death of around 6,000 Palestinians were killed during that same period??

And if you still like to play with the numbers, then why not acknowledging the loss of more than 1,400 Palestinians in just 22 days compared to 3 Israeli civilians killed by rockets and 6 Israel soldiers who were killed in the assault, 3 of them by Israeli friendly fire?

Saeb Ariqat and many similar leaders in our Arab world that grew grey on chairs that they don’t deserve or even made use of them to serve the people they pretend representing.

Such leaders we got only worry about fulfilling what’s best for them and apply latterly what the enemy tells them of course, or they’ll be thrown away and someone else will take over the decision chair!

Does the shadow of such news puts us -Arab Muslims- in our case and tells us what’s really is our value , how much we worth and the status of our dignity?

I certainly refuse this truth; I refuse this ban from dealing with dramatic dictator actions taken from people made themselves responsible for messing with our rights, thoughts and actions; I refuse to be manipulated and to violate my freedoms and rights.

I refuse this chicken atmosphere where we fear the greater power and we feel obliged to keep what we stand for a secret as it doesn’t serve the greater power’s interests.

If Saeb Ariqat tells the Israelis that he is sorry, then there he only represents himself because we are not sorry!

By Kacem Jlidi; (data verified from


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